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Thread: I just bought a surplus aircraft carrier

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    I just bought a surplus aircraft carrier

    I was very fortunate last week to find a piece of old iron that I not only wanted but could afford as well. It was listed as a "15" inch Oliver (they never made 15") for $325 on the local Craigslist. Running condition supposedly. I called as early as was polite the next morning and was the third person to call but as luck would have it, I was the first person that could show up. It turned out that the machine was only about 3 miles away and I rushed up there on my lunch break. It turned out to be a 12" Oliver 166BD in great shape with only the typical wear that 56 years might bring to a machine. I examined it to make sure it didn't have any serious flaws but for that price, they would have to be serious indeed to pass on it. As it turns out, they were closing the shop and he just wanted everything gone. He thought he would have problems selling a 440V 3phase machine so he priced it low. I didn't haggle at all since he really was losing big in this deal and I picked up the transformer to go with it for another $75 making a grand total of $400 for my newest project.

    Without further ado I give you the Oliver 166BD 12" jointer with 3 knife cutterhead (standard, not clamshell type) 5HP 440V 3phase motor weighing in at a trifling 1700#.

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    Thats a honey Brett!

    They can be a bit tricky to adjust, but there's no shimming needed, and once you've got it all dialed in they make one heck of a straight edge. Watch the fingers though!

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    She's a beauty!
    Wish I had the room for a big jointer.
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    nice score brett!
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    Wonderful deal!

    What are the chances of finding something like that so close to home?


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    That is a "you suck" deal if there has ever been one. I think you and me may be tied for best old iron deal out there. Thats going to be a sweet tool in your shop. I am loving my 12" jointer. Except for the motor starter that keeps given me fits. But that is another story

    weighing in at a trifling 1700#.
    And you didn't even ask about how to move it. Now I really am impressed!

    Who moves big machines by himself all the time.
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    Holy cow! Let us know how the USS Baldwin handles at launch!!


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    I dunno Brett. I see in a couple of the pics that the cover is missing on the electrical junction box in the back. Aside from that, I'd say you did all right*.

    Bigtime congrats!

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    Great score! I be looking at you and Jeff for pointers when I have a shop that is big enough to put equipment like that in!

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    Thanks guys.

    Vaughn, I almost passed on it when I saw the missing electrical cover but then the strong wave of glue fumes moved away and my brain snapped back to reality and I parted with the money happily.

    Jeff, I've seen your recent acquisitions from Arnfest and they are probably some of the smaller ones. I'll confess that I brought a friend to help me get it into the truck but once I got it to my work then it was all me (and the forklift).

    I honestly don't have room for it currently but that hardly mattered. There was no way I was letting a deal this good pass me by. I'll hold on to it till I can build a shop that does it justice. Then there's the fact that it is an Oliver. As the tagline of the infamous Stan Lee goes..."'Nuff said"

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