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Thread: Never thought you could do this at Disney!

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    Never thought you could do this at Disney!

    My wife, 30 year old Son and I went SCUBA diving in The Living Seas Tank at Disney World.
    You need to prove to them you are a certified diver. We were in 1968 so a little trouble with the records but it all worked out.

    200 feet in dia 27 feet deep. Something like 6 million gallons of salt water. 35,000 gallons per minute of filtertration. The big ball you see at Epcot will fit in the tank!

    All money collected for the dive goes to a wildlife fund.

    Yes, that is a Tiger Shark about 8 foot. Fed 3 times a week in a manner to not associate people with food. All other fish are hand fed so if you hold out your hands it is a good chance many fish will check you out. The shark will glide by within a foot of you!

    This is a no touch dive - touch anything alive and you are removed from the tank. Of course if they brush up to you that is OK.

    They tell you that you will be part of the Disney show when in the water (so do not do anything to stupid) and they are right. 60 some windows of people looking in and waving at you and the people in the 7 seas restaurant can see you clearly as you can see them.

    The windows are made from about 6 - 8 inch thick plexiglass. They are held in place just by water pressure against a seal. Water temp is a cool 77 degrees.

    The first picture is a small bubble of air they have at the bottom where you can stop in for a picture.

    They make a short DVD of your dive that is where the photos come from.

    If you are a diver you need to check this out. It is a VERY nice dive.

    We may do it again.
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    That looks like major fun!
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    Hubba Hubba, WAY COOL!!!
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    That looks like a cool day. I so seldom dive on the west coast due to limited visibility. Now the Caribbean . . . Ahhhh. But I definitely would not turn up my nose at a nice clean controlled environment dive any day.
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