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Thread: Looking for Real Estate Contact Management software

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    Looking for Real Estate Contact Management software

    The Real Estate broker that I work for has asked me to find him some new Contact Management software. He's currently using "Top Producer". However, at the last upgrade (automatic), they completely wiped out (erased) his database on his Blackberry (and at the office I think). When he called CS to ask what happened they just said "Sorry, it was a mistake". He was down in Mexico on a development that he has an interest in and he was stuck, he didn't have ANY contact info. So he is mad at Top Producer and wants to change.

    Apparently, the required software isn't just elaborate contact management software but is Real Estate specific. It needs to be Blackberry AND Windows compatible and be able to send and receive email.

    Also, does anyone know of software that will transfer all of his data from TP over to Microsoft Outlook? He want's to be able to do this as a back-up in case of another erasure.

    We've heard of a special form of Outlook that may be of interest but as yet nothing that we've seen from Microsoft will accommodate our needs.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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