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Thread: Bottle Stoppers

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    Bottle Stoppers

    I have an upcoming show and have been told that these things sell well so I thought I should make some. These are my first. Spent Friday evening and yesterday making 25. They are relative easy to do. The most difficult thing for me was coming up with all the designs. Even slipped in a couple of Hollow Forms. There are Maple Burl, Mesquite, Dyed Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Magahogny, Zebrawood and Purpleheart.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bottle Stoppers1 004 (Medium).jpg   Bottle Stoppers1 006 (Medium).jpg   Bottle Stoppers1 008 (Medium).jpg  

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    Boy Keith you have been a busy boy. Wow those are some mighty fine looking stoppers. I need to try some of those.
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    I agree with Bernie, you have been a busy boy. Super Nice!!!

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    Very nice Keith!

    I like the hollow forms and the burls the best.

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    You're a dang machine, Keith. It'd sure take me longer than a day and an evening to turn 25. They look great, and I like the NE and HF versions, too.
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    Nice variety, Keith. I like them all! Have a good show and sell a lot!

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