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Thread: Lathe Stand Completed

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    Lathe Stand Completed

    Hi everyone

    Well, after lots of advice in this thread

    I decided to put as much weight in my lathe stand as possible, and to make it mobil. So off to the hardware store to buy some steel casters, two fixed, two swivel, each with a load rating of 200 pounds.

    Here is what I started with.Attachment 13455

    And here is the leg where I wanted to put some sand.
    Attachment 13456
    Inserted a plywood piece to fill the hole
    Attachment 13457
    I know that my shop floor isn't exactly level, so I didn't want to assemble the base on the floor and find that it was twisted. So, I put it upside down on my bench
    Attachment 13458
    Fitting the base (3/4" ply) and building the bottom box sides.

    Tight fit on the bolts for the casters -- self conversation edited to comply with FWW COC )
    Attachment 13459
    I couldn't put the sides in until I had the bolts secure, but the base box also had to be assembled, once turned up right the panels slipped right in -- I put some caulking on them and around the seams in the stand and poured the sand it the legs and the base -- almost 300 pounds worth.

    Then I realized that I forgot to put in the top shelf. Started to unbolt the stand top and then said, you fool, you've got it all squared up now who knows what will happen.

    So, I cut the shelf in half, (thanks Tod for the advice) and then reassembled it.
    Attachment 13460
    Painted stand, added wood stiffeners on the top shelf (glued, screwed and plugged) and the beast is ready to roar!

    Attachment 13461

    Lathe 185 pounds
    Stand 68
    Sand 290
    Wood/wheels 20

    Total 563

    The fixed casters are on the headstock end, the swivels on the tail stock. It is fairly easy to move, but you have to be careful -- once it gets going it is a little tough to stop!

    Next step is to get my sharpening stuff organized, if I don't do this and start turning I know I'll NEVER get that under control.

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    Looks like a great set-up. I'll bet it hums sweetly.
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    Don't you love it when a plan comes together! Looks great Jay. Now it just needs some shavings and dust!


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    Looks like you have a good handle on this, nice stand.

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    Jay my friend that is one nice stand. I really like how you have it set up. That puppy should hum along nicely. Well done Jay.
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    Jay, very well done, now let the chips fly.
    Have fun.

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    looks good jay!
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    looks great now get that puppy covered in shavings to let it know you really love it.


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    Wow, that's a great stand! Very cool!



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    Jay, that is a nice looking set up. You will not regret the weight. I hope you made sure that the center height is at a comfortable level for you for turning. Nothing more miserable than to wake up with a back ache because the lathe is too low. Now have fun and be safe!
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