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Thread: Electrical Done(?)

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    Electrical Done(?)

    First my thanks to the many who answered my electrician-ignorant questions. I am now the proud owner of a sub panel.
    • Dedicated TS outlet
    • Dedicated DC outlet
    • Dedicated BS outlet
    • Dedicated (future) jointer outlet
    • West wall and bench-position overhead reel
    • More west wall and east-wall-position overhead reel
    I left all shop lights on two separate circuits that feed off the main panel so I can't get left in the dark. My lights don't dim when I fire up the saw. My new BS has his own 220 outlet. A future jointer 220 breaker is in place and I have 6 slots to spare.

    I can now walk into the shop and flip a switch for the lights. I used to have to feel my way to the nearest pull chain. All overhead lights are still on pull chains so I don't have to light the whole shop when I'm working in only one area.

    The cover panel is on and labeled as are the outlets as to which circuit they are on. I just need to put up the wall covering and paint. Then I can take all that stuff that is laying EVERYWHERE and put it back on the wall or wherever it properly goes.

    Holy Cats, can I go back to woodworking now???
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    Congrats, Glenn. I'm hoping to do something similar before too long. How big of panel (amps-wise) did you end up using in the shop?
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