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Thread: how to find out what MT i have in my lathe..............

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    how to find out what MT i have in my lathe..............

    is there measurements to know what MT i have in my sears 1935 lathe..................bob

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    "MT" ??

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    I'd once seen measurements somewhere, but I can't remember where it was... But a simple test for me is a MT1 is barely the size of my pinky finger (i have small hands). And a MT2 is about the size of my index finger. So ... MT1's not even a half inch in diameter ... an MT2 is about 5/8" or maybe a bit more.
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    Measure at the big end (ie, the open hole), in inches:

    * #0 is 0.356
    * #1 is 0.475
    * #2 is 0.700
    * #3 is 0.938
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    Heres a picture of all the dimensions, (In mm I'm afraid.)
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    Stick your finger in it.... As was said before, #1 would be hard to get my pinkie past the nail. #2 would take the index past the first knuckle (except that was before the Arthur Ritechous got in there and swelled the sucker....

    A very personal approach to high tech machinery evaluation but you need to own or marry the machine first as such activity could result in difficult and embarrising moments, If at work I don't think that kind of measuring is allowed between subordinates.

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    thanks mic'ed out to be a #1 MT.................bob

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    Wow, you guys all have NIST-traceable Mk 1 finger gauges!

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    Hey Mark, they all work for the government, and a pinky measure of an MT-1 is"close enough for government work."

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