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Thread: It's Curt's Fault

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    It's Curt's Fault

    I blame Curt Fuller for giving me the idea to make some bells. At about 5" tall, these are a bit too big for ornaments, but my sister (who plays in a hand bell choir) will enjoy getting one of them.

    They were made from cutoffs that were earmarked for bottle stoppers and pens. The bells are bubinga, and the handles are spalted maple and spalted cherry burl. The inside of each bell is contoured to match the outside. I still need to attach a little jingle bell to a gold cord on the inside, but I had the photo rig set up tonight so I went ahead and grabbed a couple shots. These showed me that I still have a lot to learn about spindle turning. (Although I'm getting better and better with the skew.) Finished with Myland's friction polish, then 3-wheel buffed.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bubinga Bells 1.jpg 
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    Let the finger-pointing and giggling commence.
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    Neat. I have a bell in progress on the lathe now I'm making for my wife. She is a tinntinabulist. (bell collector)
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    Looks good Vaughn!
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    Very nice Vaughn!

    That Curt is a trouble maker!

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    No finger-pointing and giggling here. Those are absolutely gorgeous.

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    *finger pointing and oohing* (but in awe, not picking on you) I think you nailed it. No flaws from 3000 miles away! Nice job Vaughn, and go 'big' when you put the bell in, think Jingle bell, a tiny one just wouldn't do them justice.

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    These are great, Vaughn! No giggling going on here (other than at Ned's avatar), only "oooohing".
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    Great looking bells Vaughn. Well done.
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    Their pretty... but can they ring.
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