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Thread: Using Drawer Slides With Inset Drawers - Is It A Nightmare?

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    Using Drawer Slides With Inset Drawers - Is It A Nightmare?

    In building our kitchen, I prefer the look of the inset door rather than an overlay style. I also want to use a high-quality drawer slide, one that prevents drawer slamming. Do any of you have experience installing slides like the Blum BluMotion Tanden undermount (the style not visible when the drawer is open) slides or the Accuride equivalent when using face frame construction with inset doors? While I realize inset drawers are a challenge to get their faces to fit their openings (leaving a nice even 1/16" space on all four sides of the drawer), does using these slides make the task a nightmare?
    Jeff Wright
    Treasure Island FL

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    i'll answer this question in about 2 weeks when i get to that stage on the project i am working. it has inset drawers and i am using blumotion guides on it. from what i have READ the guides have adjustments on them. a quick trip to the blum website might show this for you.

    i am sure someone here has used them on inset drawers...if not...hang tight for a couple of weeks and i'll let ya know.

    take your time getting those frames very very square.

    good luck

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    jeff, i regularly use the kv8500 series (side mount) on inset drawers, i just cut my half blinds deaper so as to leave "wings" to cover the slides when`s a matter of personal preferance as to whether you loose 1/2" on the sides or bottom of the drawer if you want to use the ballbearing guides...i haven`t yet played with the blum undermounts so really can`t offer first hand experience .....maybe some of the kitchen guys will chime in? tod
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    Jeff, if you can give me a couple of days, I am doing exactly that. I already have the tandem slide - and the kit to install..and it will be inset. So, once i make the drawer I will let you know how it works out. It will be my first time using. I am hoping it is easy. Cross your fingers, I will take some pics.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I have not used the under mounts yet.

    Inset doors and drawers. I really try to stay away from them. Drives the cost up, as they are time consuming.

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