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Thread: Sketchup display problem??

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    Sketchup display problem??

    New to Sketchup and having a display problem with a drawing of my house.
    First I made the basic outline of the house and pulled the walls to the proper height. Next I created the overhang and proper facia thickness. At that point all of the drawing looks fine. I rotated the drawing to view it from all angles, front, back, ends, top and bottom. At this point I saved the drawing so I could go back if something went wrong. When trying to add the roof I added the first gable end and pulled it the length of the roof.
    Now when the display is rotated it looks like it is being sliced on a plane and is transparent. I tried to add points over the area that is transparent but this didn't work.
    My roof has a 4/12 pitch. I used the protactor tool and 18.43 degree input.
    Are fractional degree inputs legal??
    My house is a basic ranch but the garage sticks out in the front and I have a room that sticks out in the back. I don't have display problems until I pull the roof past the two areas in the house that are wider than the roof. Is that a problem? I can build a rectangular house and I don't have any problem.
    We are leaving for vacation or I would have ordered the book. I didn't want it setting on my front porch while we were gone.
    Any help appreciated.
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    Degree inputs are legal. I'll send you my e-mail address by PM. Send me your model so I can see what's happening.

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    Thumbs up Thanks to Dave!!

    Thanks agian to Dave for a quick reply and answering my problem.
    My problem was not having perspective turned on.

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