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Thread: Help with stain color

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    Help with stain color

    Hi all - I'm working on a mission style linen cabinet made from ash and red elm. I picked up a "Georgian Cherry" gel stain that's very close to the color I want but is just a touch too red.

    I don't know much about the science of color blending. Can someone guide me how to best tone down the red hue? Are there any shellac colors that would help?

    The colors in these pics is a bit subtle, but it gives the idea:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You can tone down the red by using a small amount of green (the complimentary colour on a colour wheel). One place that you might be able to get such green to add is the Universal Tinting Colours (UTC) available at most paint stores. I have taken a few very small bottles to stores in the past and convinced someone to provide me with a few drops. It does not take very much. These UTCs can be mixed with either water or oil based stains or paints.
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    Thanks Frank! I knew just enough about color balance to know that it's not intuitive!
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    Go with Frank's idea or you can get a few different stains and mix them. Some places have sample packs that make it easy to find the right mix.

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    Frank is quite right.

    The best way of killing red is with green. If you think about it, green is a mixture of blue and yellow - the other two primary colours. It therefore neutralises the red.

    Don't add too much though. You can tip the balance over to bright lime green very easily!

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