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Thread: John Henry

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    John Henry

    "John Henry drove his fifteen feet,
    And that steam drill only made nine..."



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    That was neat, but the guy on the letric lathe was not very talented, a really good turner, would have beaten the leg powered lathe by quite a bit.

    Still REAL impressive the guy Robin on the leg powered lathe, I mean REAL impressive!
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    Enjoyed it with a big smile on my face. That was for sure a battle between modern and old. But now the question, what is old, and what is modern??
    What they call today modern is old tomorrow.

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    Great race, Bill. I'd agree with Stu...the electric guy didn't have his act together. (Or perhaps he was putting on an act?)

    Of course, any foray into YouTube begets other links. Here's the other end of the lathe turning technology spectrum:
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