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Thread: New low cost idea for wind power

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    Lightbulb New low cost idea for wind power

    Here is a video showing some cool new technology for generating electricity from wind ->

    This guy thinks outside the box, very bright
    Cheers! - Jim

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    That is really great. I'm guessing that this set up for harnessing wind power could be less obtrusive than that of the huge wind turbines.

    I just wonder how long it will take to bring this to market, or will current technology find a way to bury it in the sand, so to speak.


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    That's brilliant. Elegant in its simplicity. Thanks for the link.
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    Freaking brilliant, that guy deserves a gold star or two!
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    Definately outside the box thinking. Did he just give away a potentially very profitable patent idea?
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    Nice post.

    Just so happens I am looking into a small Savonius Rotor wind generator for a friend deep in the Amazon (not the online book place). A Savonius turbine is a vertical shafted rotor as in a 55 gallon drum cut in half and the two pieces welded together to make an "S" shaped rotor.

    The wind flutter device in the movie - Good luck finding a material that can hold up long term to the flutter movement! Also for a given wind speed there is only so much power in every sq foot of area. That device has very little wind exposure and will at best make very little power. I know, very little power in some remote locations is very nice to have.

    If I get anywhere with the Savonius rotor I will keep you posted.

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    Talk about taking a problem and solving it in a very basic manner!

    I wonder if instead of scaling this up, what about creating an aray of smaller ones? Basically like how solar cells are put in to panels. Hmmmm........
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    Three parameters influence the energy can obtained from the wind:
    wind´s velocity (it has a cubic factor), swept area and mass density of the air.

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    It's not clear how well this would scale up, but 40 milliwatts for household use is pretty small - in fact, it's tiny. As he shows, you can power a LED, or a clock, and maybe even a radio, but when you get beyond that you have to start thinking of some way to store the energy so that you can release it in larger amounts. You could put a bunch of these on a house, but you'd need 25 of these to get a single watt. So to light a 60 watt light bulb you'd need 1,500 of these generators.

    Alternately, the household could convert to LED lighting but that adds cost to the system solution. Even with LEDs you'd need a bunch of these things to provide any significant lighting (one LED doesn't provide that much light).

    And even then, you'd probably need to gather the energy during the day and store it in batteries so that you could use it at night - and when there's no wind. The cost of the batteries, and the maintenance of the battery system might make it a difficult solution for third world countries.

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    The bigger wind power generator, the bigger
    the blades. A technical problem with this increment
    is their transportation.

    Another way for energy storage

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