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    Pen boxes

    A gentleman knowing I turn pens, brought a pen box to me that he had. I was very surprised and happy he took the time, but the timing was such I was not able to make any notes and just had a small amount of time to admire the craftsmanship. In a nutshell, he handed me a rectangular box that the lid hinged up. Upon opening the lid, the hinges were "L" shaped and lifted the pen to the opener of the box. Very ingenious, but not sure how the hinges were attached and wondering if anyone has a pen box or instructions of making this type of pen box.

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    Jonathan, these pen boxes are called "lift-pen" boxes, and are made in China. They are distributed by Craft Supply USA here, and are under $5.00. I doubt very seriously that they could be made here in the States, either singly or in quantity, for that price. I order them regularly and engrave them.

    Here's a picture of them--but the pens obscure the actual "workings" of the box.

    You are right - they are quite unique and I've had orders for lots of them and have given them away as gifts also. I have lots of them in stock and would part with one for your inspection.

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