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Thread: Christmass ornament - first try

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    Christmass ornament - first try

    Here is my first try out with making an ornament for Christmass.
    Never did that before.
    But seeing what Stuart created, was interesting enough for me to give it a try.
    I did it not like he did, and not in according to my original plan, but I kept it very simple.
    So I took a sqaire solid wooden block, turned holes into the block, and glued in an inside ornament.
    I had to do it in a couple of houres, because I'm working now on my beltsander, and don't wanted to spend a lot of time on this ornament.
    Anyway I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun.
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    Ad, Well done! What kind of wood is it? What's the size?
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    Yep, more than one way to do things for sure!
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    Very cool idea, Ad. Looks good.
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    Great job Ad. Now it just gets easier. Well done.
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    Jeff, got this wood from a friend, he called it Taxus.
    This wood have a fine structure, wish I had a lot more of this wood, for your turnings very nice wood. the diameter of the sphere is 3''.
    This one was a " quickie '' for me.

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    That's a beauty, Ad. I'll bet it's light as a feather.
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    Thanks Neal, yes it's a lightweight. It's already gone, my dear daughter grabbed it, and leave me alone.

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