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Thread: Woodworking Specialist Needed

  1. Woodworking Specialist Needed

    I hope this is within guidelines. Please move or remove if inappropriate.

    Freud America, Inc. is looking for a Woodworking Specialist to operate our Special Events Marketing Vehicle in the Southeastern United States. In this role, you will be responsible for supporting our sales team by presenting the superior technical capabilities of Freud’s woodworking products to woodworkers and woodworking tool dealers. The responsibilities of this position include:

    • Operating and maintaining the Freud Special Events Marketing Vehicle in the Southeastern United States.
    • Preparing and presenting technical training and sales presentations to new and existing Freud dealers.
    • Preparing and presenting technical demonstrations and clinics to professional and enthusiast woodworkers.
    • Providing technical and marketing support to develop Freud’s business and contribute to the overall success of the Freud Special Events Marketing Vehicle program.

    To succeed in this position, you should possess solid woodworking skills, strong professional communication skills (listening, speaking, and written), and a clean driving record. CDL license required. This position is based in the Southeast and requires extensive travel with overnight stays.

    Please contact me through PM or email for details on placing your application.

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    I have a clean driving record. Would you mind overlooking the other criteria?

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    Too bad that such an interesting and exciting job has to be in the wrong part of the US. Oh well, I'm probably well past the hiring age limit anyhow. I'm sure the LOML would be thrilled for me to take a job like this though just to get me out from underfoot again.

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    Hi Charles,

    I already have a day job, but just wanted to jump in and welcome you to FWW. I hope you are able to visit and add some of your knowledge here from time to time.


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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!

    I also hope this is within guidelines and hope some member can either benefit from this opportunity or refer a friend to help out. I would love the opportunity as a side job but am in SoCal.

    P.s. Glad to see you. Your input has always been of value elsewhere and we are lucky to have you visiting.
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    I wish you the best of luck in your search. Please be patient in your search and get the right candidate to represent your quality Freud products. There is nothing worse than seeing a poorly prepared/educated demonstrator or one with unsafe woodworking habits.

    Best of luck,

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    Sounds like they'er looking for a CDL pro that happens to know something about woodworking and there is nothing wrong about this. This would be a tough job for anyone with a family. My job requires lots of travel, mostly by air but, travel is still travel and after a few months the "newness" of a high travel job wears off. Soon you tire of eating every meal out, sleeping in a rented bed and not having any personal private space. All this said, for someone this is the perfect opportunity and I wish them the best.
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