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Thread: Cutting Door

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    Cutting Door

    Can anyone tell me how to cut a metal door. I need to shorten one to install on my new chicken house. I read somewhere that you can do it with a circular saw and the blade installed backwards.

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    Ouch! Yes, you *can* do it that way, but I'm not sure it's a great idea. If all you have is a circular saw, you can get a metal cutting "blade" (looks more like a disk) for it at the home depot. Works pretty well, depending on the thickness of the metal, of course...



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    Who ever comes up with this Backward saw blade to do cutting, This is burning as you are creating friction to do the job and a bad job at that... Whoever it is who "They" say puts the blade on backward, I wish "they" would shut up and use common sense. Get the correct blade. If it were me, I would get a metal cutting blade for my 4" side grinder and saw along, Or Metal cutting blade for my Jig saw and cut along a line using a straight edge to control the cut. Or get a metal cutting blade for my skil saw, using a straight edge to guide my cut. Or get a metal cutting blade for the Sawsall... There are a load of safer methods than the backward blade.

    Think about it, If it is a carbide blade, you will rip the teeth off, If not a carbide you will burn the teeth off. So where are you? hot burnt ruined mess of a blade and only a small burnt mark on the door.

    Wear safety Glasses and shield and long sleeves and gloves as there will be sparks, have a fire extinguisher on hand. After the cut grind/file the edges and insert a wood block filler to fill the void as you most likely cut off the core inside the door.

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    I'm going with a metal blade in a decent jigsaw with an edge guide. This will not work with a 25 year old $15 B&D jigsaw however.
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    Cutting Door

    Thanks guys for your tips. I have a real good Jig saw and I have metal blades. I don't know why I didn't think of this. I guess I had a senior moment.

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    Why not just leave the blade installed normally and run the saw backwards Let me know how that worked when you get back from E.R. I'd go with the metal cutting blade. Unless you've got a very good jigsaw it's likely to not be a perpendicular cut across the bottom.
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    I recomend wearing hearing protection if you use a circular saw with a metal cutting blade.

    About a month ago, I helped my wife's cousin install a steel roof on his parents' house. He used a metal cutting blade in his circular saw to cut the roofing. It was just about the loudest thing I think I've ever heard.
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    There should be a blade available to cut steel with your circ. saw, just carbide teeth with negative hook. The general idea with a normal blade backwards is to imitate a negative hook blade- at least thats the only reason I can think of- but I don't imagine it could work very well. I have seen a guy hack through a bunch of 2x6's with the blade on backwards.... Lots of smoke!

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    If going the jigsaw or cutoff wheel route, I would second the hearing protection. Also, make sure there is support along the cut so the loose sheets don't begin to drum. Oh, and a little painters tape will minimize any scratches if you are concerned about the final appearance. And make sure you bring a good amount of patience.


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    If you use the jig saw, make sure the blades are long enough to stay out the bottom of the door on the up cut, or you will have fun holding onto the saw as it bucks around all over the place....

    Use cutting oil, keep the blade cool, which will let the blade stay sharp a LOT longer.

    I cut 1/2" steel with my jigsaw, and a metal cutting blade, just go slow.
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