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Thread: You have got to love this dog.

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    Talking You have got to love this dog.

    So, I get on the plane and I'm sitting there by the window with
    two vacant seats when another man sat down in the aisle seat and put his
    black Labrador Retriever in the middle seat next to me.

    I am wondering about the dog and I ask why the dog is allowed on
    the plane. The second man explained that he is a DEA agent and that the dog
    is a "sniffing dog". "His name is Sniffer and he's the best there is.

    I'll show you once we get airborne and I put him to work."

    The plane takes off, and once it has leveled out, the agent
    says: "Watch this." He tells Sniffer to "search".
    Sniffer jumps down, walks along the aisle, and finally sits very
    purposefully next to a woman for a several seconds. Sniffer then
    returns to its seat and puts one paw on the agent's arm.

    The agent says, "Good boy", and he turns to the man and says,
    "That woman is in possession of marijuana, so I'm making a note of her seat
    number and the authorities will apprehend her when we land."

    I say, "That's pretty neat." Once again, the agent sends Sniffer to search the aisles. The Lab sniffs about, sits down beside a man for a few seconds, returns to its seat,
    and this time, he places TWO paws on the agent's arm.

    The agent says, "That man is carrying cocaine, so, again, I'm
    making a note of his seat number for the police."

    "I like it!" I tell him. The agent then told Sniffer to "search" again. Sniffer walked up and down the aisles for a little while, sat down for a moment, and then
    came racing back to the agent, jumped into the middle seat and craps all over the seat.

    I was really grossed out by this behavior and can't figure out how or
    why a well-trained dog would act like that, so I ask the agent..."What's going on?"

    The agent nervously replied, "He just found a bomb!"

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    Chuck, I guess the next thing you did is jumpt out of the plane.

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    Even my wife laughed at this one! Usually I get the "Uh huh" with lots of sarcasm attached - with this one, I got a good chuckle!

    Thanks Chuck,

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    I do love that dog!


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