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Thread: Looking for a durable finish.........

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    Looking for a durable finish.........

    I know, I know....age old question, BUT....

    Built-in set of drawers/cabinet in a bedroom. The top currently is finished in the same paint as the rest of the room, walls, ceiling, closets, everything, and is beat up pretty bad. The paint is the old, very hard, enamel. I will cover the top with a 1/4" sheet of MDF core walnut ply ($80 a sheet, YIKES!!!) and trim out the edges.

    I'm looking for a very durable, preferably waterbased, material to finish it with. Suggestions?, Methods?, Advice?...

    All are appreciated. Thanks VERY much.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    you left me out when you said "waterbased" mark
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    Yeah, I agree, but Mark is out on the left coast, didn't they outlaw solvent based finishes out there?


    I used some water based products on the interior of my boat many years ago if I recall correctly, they were by Target Coatings

    They held up very well but I had a terrible time getting a nice smooth finish. But maybe that was because I was working on vertical surfaces and it was blistering hot inside the boat.

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    I, too, love Target Coatings. Their spray lacquer beats catalyzed NC lacquer in the KCMA testing, and has full burn in (rare among water based products, but it sure makes finishing easy). They also have a conversion varnish that is even harder.
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    I put Flecto Varathane diamond finish - clear, waterbased, satin - on our kitchen table a few years back, and it has stood up well. Very clear, very hard.
    Very easy to apply. I don't have a sprayer, so I just brush it on with a foam brush -- about 3-4 coats.

    I've used this on a number of projects over the past 10 years, and been very satisfied.

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