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Thread: Finally Decided....

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    Finally Decided....

    Well, it's been a decision I have been trying to make for some time now... what bandsaw to get! I have a very small shop and I have conisdered the new Rikon made 10" saws from Craftsman but wanted just a little more saw than that so I settled on the new 12" from Craftsman. It made it to the shop last night
    I have been working on a kitchen remodel for about the last year and I am on the last and final project for it... an island. So I have cabinets and doors and drawers in different states of stain and poly jumbling up the shop so will be a few days before I can assemble it and get it up and running but here is the proof!
    I think it will be a good saw and match for my shop with the types of projects I make. Will post some photos when I get her set up.


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    Congrats Corey!
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    Hey Corey, those work better if you remove the box

    You been looking at it for over 12 hours now put it to work.

    Nice buy buddy and you are going to love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Noles View Post
    Hey Corey, those work better if you remove the box

    You been looking at it for over 12 hours now put it to work.

    Nice buy buddy and you are going to love it.
    Man there is one in every crowd Thanks Bud, will post some more pics when it's up and running but I got to get those cabs done!


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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    There's a lot of folks that really like that saw and it took best vlaue or something in a recent review. Enjoy the new saw.
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    congratulations corey!
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    Congrats, Corey. (And long time no see. )

    Like Glenn said, there have been a lot of good things said about that saw by various people. Have fun with it. (But ya gotta set it up first. The box is nice and all, but we want to see the saw.)
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    Great going Corey.

    I have had the Craftsman, ShopSmith, Delta, (a green and white one) and now the Steel City.
    My bandsaw has always been one of my favorite machines. They are adaptable to just about any job and just plain fun to use.

    Pull that thing out of the box so we can see it!


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    Thanks guys, I am working on it This one fits perfectly in the spot I had for it. Photos will be posted tomorrow.


    OK, here are the photos after setting it up. Haven't taken it for a spin yet as I have a kitchen island cabinet being poly'd up ( last of the kitchen remodel). Anyway, here she is:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bandsaw1.jpg   Bandsaw2.jpg   Bandsaw3.jpg  
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    Glad you shared your new tool excitement with us!

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