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  • Wood Turner 80% Plus

    27 20.77%
  • Flat Wood 80% Plus

    72 55.38%
  • Both 50-50%

    31 23.85%
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Thread: What Are You?

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    What Are You?

    Who is outnumbering who?

    1.) Wood turners 80% plus

    2.) Flat wood 80% plus

    3.) Both 50-50

    4.) Other
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    This will be interesting! Based on the number of projects displayed here, one would be led to think that spinners are the majority. But then, it's really hard to turn out a flat project after dinner one evening!
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    flatlander for now, but I'm on the cusp of the abyss as well...

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    Flatlander. I turn out about 2 - 3 serious pieces a year.
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    Hi, my name is Stu and I'm a turner..............

    Yep, I guess I'd say the majority of my work is turning right now, but really, the thing is, I like to turn, but, I also enjoy doing flatwork.

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    Hi Stu! I'm a turner too! It has been almost 11 months since my last flatwork project! Remember admitting you have a problem is the first step....then again who wants to recover from this addiction!

    The LOML is looking for 12 step program for me though!
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    When I walk into the shop, if I have my druthers, I'll turn something. But it's always a mitigated and rushed joy, since I'm often wracked with guilt. You see, Doorlink wants (and needs) a lot of flat and trim work done, along with a thousand other things. So anytime I'm having fun turning is time I should be spending doing other stuff...



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    Once you go round, you never come back.

    I am staying flat for a while.... Too many things in my head that I want to make. Round would just get me distracted.....

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    Right now......sorta flatwork 100% ...trying to finish the shop.....

    The rest of the time it kinda depends on what SWMBO wants done....

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    Over 80% round stuff for me these days, although last night I did use the tablesaw and router table on some flat stuff.
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