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Thread: Christmas Present for me

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    Christmas Present for me

    My wonderful girlfriend came over today befor I went to work and gave me my Christmas present a bit early get your heads out of the gutters.
    It was a singed contract for a 20X30 addition for my still new shop. I also have machineshop stuff in there too and was planning on addeing later but it seems she wanted me there to make sure they did it the way I wanted it so I wouldn't be tempted to b&*%h about it later.....I think shees a keeper


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    YUP... she's a keeper.
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    Thanks Bill....he was a very knowledgable man and helped me with a few projects.
    Yes I just got finished wireing....but now I gotta get a sub panel to wire the machine shop too.....Guess I should be over there by Feburary playing in the shop insted of working 7 days a week at the plant

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    She got any sisters? Oh wait, I'm already spoken for.

    Congrats on the additional square footage. sounds like you'll have a nice set-up when it's all done.
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