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Thread: dis-couraged

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    Hey, folks,

    I hate to vent my frustrations... and maybe I should just keep quiet about it.

    But do you ever go through periods where *everything* you do in the shop goes wrong? Nothing major, just stupid little things: a drawer you checked for square at glue-up is crooked when you go to install it... you try to thread a piece of wood, mess it up, try again, and mess up in a different way...

    I'm going through a bad patch the last couple weeks. Now, don't get me wrong... it's normal for everything I make to be slightly off-kilter. But they don't usually actually *fail*, they just look weird. (reflective of their maker, no doubt!)

    Maybe I need to drink different whisky. Maybe I'm just not supplicating the right gods. I swear to you, I went into the shop this morning and didn't even pick up a tool... just sat there and tried to think about the problem. I need a solution. I feel like a golfer who has the shanks... Didya ever see that movie "Tin Cup"?

    Does everyone go through this?



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    Been there, done that. Generally I have a three strikes rule; if I tank on something I move to something else, if I botch that I move again . . . third time's the charm - shut down and go in to the house. I frequently find if I 'just walk away' things are much better when I start up again.
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    Heck yeah!

    I was taught "A change is as good as a rest" so what I do when I get in one of those periods of "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH" is to do something different.

    Something else I do is a MAJOR, and I'm talking MAJOR clean up in the Dungeon, and I tackle a job that I was putting off because I did not really want to do it, then, when I'm done it, I can enjoy going back to the thing that made me

    I think it happens to most of us

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Bill someone once told me, maybe here, that if something goes wrong, try and put away a few things or clean a little in the shop. I try to do this to keep the almighty shop gods happy with a somewhat clean shop, but usually I just push things around or pick something up and put it in a different place. I've had the shanks in golf before as well....clearing the mind is the only thing that will help! Have you tried yoga?
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    I know you meant that you were going to drink AFTER you left the shop, right? Don't want you loose when you fire up that table saw.

    But, I know what you mean, I'm going through a patch right now, really want to play with the new toy, but there are maintenance things to do, and a project for LOML that hasn't gotten started because we are still trying to iron out all the details, and chairs that need refinishing, and a gate to repair and, and, and,...............

    I need to pick one and do it and then move on, and clean the shop up once again!

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    I have days like seems to hit me more often than it used to.......

    When I was younger I gritted it out and kept working until I worked my way through it. Now I just shutoff the lights and go away until I feel it has passed.

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    Nope, never happens to me. Everything I touch turns to gold!

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    a large part of being a successful carpenter is learning how to fix your mistakes...just think of `em as an education
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    I find that true in life. Seems that both good and bad things come in groups.

    When things are going bad, I remember that times change.

    And when things are going good, I remember that times change.

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    Bill, I know that feeling, happens me too sometimes.
    My solution, than I close my shop, and do something else, thinking I'm not in the right mood today.


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