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    Lathe Bench

    Hi all,
    I posted this over in the design section and it was suggested I post it here as well to get additional input.

    I could use a bit of input on a lathe bench Iím contemplating. Hopefully I can explain my thoughts and some of the issues Iím working with/around without getting too tongue tied - so to speak. Though Iíve been noodling this concept for some time, I figured I better get some input before making the first cut. It is much easier to change a drawing than redoing a whole set-up! I also realize the set-up isnít without compromises, but I think itís workable and ideally there are no fatal flaws. I am interested in your thoughts and hearing any pros or cons. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
    Oh, and Iím still honing my skills with Sketchup, so you will invariably see some boo-boos. Hopefully nothing that will get in the way of communicating the concept.
    - My shop is extremely small, and I already have 50lbs in a 2lbs bag.
    - I turn on occasion, so the lathes are not the focal point of my shop. They need to be pushed to the side when not in use.
    - Since space is a concern, I am hoping to use the area under the lathes for storage.
    - I have two lathes Ė a ďwoodĒ lathe and a metal spinning lathe. (OK, I have 5 lathes, just these two are under consideration here.)
    - The lathes in question are a Karle metal spinning lathe, and an old Hardinge lathe Iíll be using for wood turning.
    - The Karle lathe and bench with steel legs came as a set from the factory Ė for the education market. (shown)
    - I havenít been able to use these two lathes because I donít have them set-up in the shop.
    - Since both lathes use motors that are separate from the beds (unlike midi lathes for example) they will need to be mounted onto a bench.

    Concept Ė Dual Lathe Table
    - Place two lathes on the bench, back to back.
    - Build a cabinet to house the motors and create storage for the lathe accessories etc. (replacing the metal legs.)
    - Drawers or pull out trays behind the doors (not shown Ė Iím still working on the drawing)
    - I show a divider between the lathes. Iím thinking of clean-up. Also potential for holding more stuff near the tailstock ends!
    - Put casters on the cabinet so the whole unit can be moved against the wall, and rotated to access one lathe or the other.

    So far it was suggested I get rid of the divider, possibly make a "box" to cover the unused lathe, and make sure I have good locking casters. Anything else?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails karle and base.jpg   dual lathe table w karle.jpg   dual lathe table karle w cabinet base.jpg   dual lathe table hardinge w cabinet base.jpg   dual lathe table top view cabinet base.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wes Bischel View Post

    So far it was suggested I get rid of the divider, possibly make a "box" to cover the unused lathe, and make sure I have good locking casters. Anything else?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    When I saw your drawing of the two lathes on a single bench, my first thought was that if you had a cloth cover fastened to the top of the divider you could simply flip it over the rear lathe to keep it clean while using the front one. Personally I like the idea of the divider (either fixed or movable) - I think it will make cleanup easier.

    cheers eh?
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    Good question Wes, like the two lathes, one bench idea. John your solution for a cloth cover sounds top notch. This may find its way to my shop.

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    John, I like the cloth cover idea! Very clever, when "flipped" from one lathe to another, it keeps the chips etc. contained with the offending lathe.

    The suggestion to ditch the divider was due to potential interference/tool clearance issues. When pointed out, it did occur to me that my current set-up has that issue since it's so close to the wall.

    How about a cloth cover attached at the table (where the divider attached) and a rod at the other end? I'll need to work them both up on the drawing.

    Thanks again for the input!


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