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Thread: drawer box supplier

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    drawer box supplier

    I'm behind schedule on a kitchen job, with another waiting to startso I need to purchase drawer boxes rather than build. ANyone know a respectable supplier in the Southeast that they'd recommend?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Bill ,
    Sorry I can't be of service.
    Kitchens really take a lot of time. If you can't find help can you buy pre milled sides? Anything you can do to eliminate some hands on stuff. Where are you located, maybe one of the member can help you out with the drawers?
    Good luck!!
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    I've used Western Dovetail. Lots of options, including curved and corner drawers, reasonable prices. They are streamlining their order process which used to be burdensome. Be sure to check out their on-line reference book - lots of good info.
    Charlie Plesums, Austin Texas
    (Retired early to become a custom furnituremaker)
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    Glad you're keeping busy, wondered where you were! Looks like Charlie has turned you on to a great source (and they have a good sense of humor I see)


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    I've used Conestoga for years.

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