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Thread: birthday present to myself

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    birthday present to myself

    Traditionally, I used to go away and spend my birthday (Oct. 26) alone in the woods during our Arkansas muzzle loading hunting season. But, the state moved the date up to earlier in the month so that hasn't happened for a couple years. This year, though, I'll be at a rendezvous in Missouri. Leaving this afternoon. For those of you who don't know, a 'rendezvous' is a gathering of slightly unhinged folks who reenact early American history, generally accepted as pre-1830. We live in small, period correct, tents, wear the clothes of the era, use tools and firearms of the period, cook over open fires and live the life very similar to that time period. Looking around a camp area one would think he has stepped back in time. Any sign of items modern are discouraged and the owner is told to get them out of sight immediately. It is hard work, not always easy because of weather conditions but always fun. Camaraderie is something special. I, quite literally, will leave the real world behind. Once my truck is parked out of sight and I hike back to camp, I'll be in that world of those who made our country what it is today. BTW, this will be my 69th birthday, I'm sure to be the old timer there by quite a few years. I'll bring my digi cam (they are permitted if put away immediately after use) and have folks take pictures of me. I guess we are all a little vain. But, this will be memories for me and family if I never get to another one.
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    Sounds like fun Frank!

    Don't forget to come "Back" to the future
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    What part of Missouri Frank? Does sound interesting.
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    Farnk, happy birthday a little early and hope you have a great time!
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    It sounds like a LOT of fun Frank - here's hoping for some nice weather for you

    Happy Birthday !!

    cheers eh

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    Frank, have fun, I can remember me that I saw such a happening a few tears ago on Dutch TV. And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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    Frank, it sounds like a great time ahead for you. Do enjoy your birthday.

    As an aside, and you might already know this, on the military channel last night there was a program that listed the best army rifles dating back to before WW-I. The number one weapon was the AK-47. The nomenclature consisted of A for automatic, K for the Russian army sargent Mikhail Kalashnikov that designed/invented it, and the 47 for the year, 1947, that it went into use. The program said the best feature of the weapon was its simplicity. The Afghans cleaned the barrel by tying shoe laces into knots, dipping the laces in motor oil, and pulling them through the barrel.

    My bit of trivia for the day.
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    Frank......Happy Birthday and have fun!

    They do a bit of that here locally too! The make wooden dugout canoes and reenact Lewis and Clark floating down the Clearwater River. They are so realistic....some, if not all, the canoes eventually get tipped over and the contents spilled into the river.

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    Happy birthday.
    Feliz cumpleaños


    It is nice to know you born the 26th

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    You're a man of many talents and surprises. I hope you have a great time and PLEASE post a few pictures. I like to get away also, but not quite as close to nature. The LOML and I will rent a forest service cabin or fire look out tower several times a year for a 3 or 4 day weekend - no TV, no computer, no radio, no phones, usually no plumbing, electricity or gas. We take the dog and a few books and just forget that the world exists for 72 hours. A welcome and needed recharge of the batteries.
    Hope to see you fully recharged and flaunting pictures as soon as you get back!
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