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Thread: Got Cherry Bombed!

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    Got Cherry Bombed!

    I had a package from Pete Jordan waiting for me when I got to the office today. Many thanks, Pete. You rock!

    Pete knows how to stretch the limits on a USPS Flat Rate box. This one was so battered in shipping the Post Office bagged it in plastic to try to keep the contents in the box.

    Attachment 13848 Attachment 13849

    Although the box rattled like it was full of broken rocks, the contents were nicely intact:

    Attachment 13850 Attachment 13851

    It's a nice-sized piece of cherry burl, complete with the branch it grew on. There's a bonus little cap that was saw from the backside of the burl (for a sneak peek at the figure, I'd suspect). I'm chompin' at the bit to tear into this one, but for now it's been misted heavily with a spray bottle and sealed up in a giant Ziplock bag. Now the question I pose to all you turners...

    This is my first stab at a natural burl like this. The center part of piece is pretty punky near the surface, but it appears to be pretty firm a little way under the bark. The edges all seem pretty firm. How would you orient this piece for turning? My first thought was to use the flat spot on the "bottom" as a base for a natural edge bowl turned into the center of the burl, with the branch sections left in place. If I leave the branches, the pith will surely add to the cracking, but it's a burl, so I expect some voids and cracks. What says the gang?

    And again, thanks a bunch to Pete Jordan for the package.
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    Aw come on Vaughn............

    .....OK, to show you what great guy I am, I'll do you a big favor, send it to me (I'll even let you pay the shipping) and I'll do a nice long photo tutorial on how to turn such a nice burl.............once I research how to that is.....

    Way to go Pete, got to agree with Vaughn, you Rock!

    Sorry, no help on the orientation.....
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    pretty wood! can`t wait to see what you make with it?
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    No problem Vaughn,

    I cut the slap cuz I couldn't fit it in the box otherwise. It does have a lot of figure.


    I did inquire about shipping a similiar package to Toyko and it is not too cheap. I think I will wait until you get the crooked turning figured out. I have not heard back about the chuck I emailed about.

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    Pete, shipping FROM Japan is even MORE expensive

    Not to worry, I'm not anywhere near doing a nice chunk of wood like that justice anyways.

    I will be contacting Jean-Francois soon anyway, as I know some of the guys here are interested, but our local turn crack supplier is NOT going to import these


    PS my adapter has still not come.........
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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