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Thread: A Ginko Non-Funnel

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    A Ginko Non-Funnel

    I've been having some fun on the lathe as of late, blowing up this, funneling that........

    ........ but........ this one FINALLY turned out OK..........

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ginko1.JPG 
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ID:	13857 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ginko2.JPG 
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Name:	ginko3.JPG 
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    I know, I know, totally crap pics, sorry about that..........

    It is about 8" in diameter, and maybe 4" tall.

    This wood is complete crap, I'm sorry I ever got it. It is SO soft, when buffing it, the cotton wax wheel would dent the wood

    Oh well, great practice on my cuts, as it is so soft, if my cuts were not nice, it would just tear out.

    I was talking to Eli Avisera about this wood, as one day when we went touring around Tokyo, he asked me what "That" tree was (typical turner eh) and I told him "Ginko", but it is really crap to turn, way too soft. He said that while it may not make good pieces, it will make great practice......... and he was right.

    I started sanding on this piece at #220

    Like I said, not a work of art, or anything special, not really functional, as it will get dinged up in a hurry, but great practice for making nice smooth cuts, so I'm happy.

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    Stu, looks great. BTW practice wood is better than none at all.
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    I'm no expert, Stu, but it sure looks good to me. Nicely done!
    Jeff is right; I'd rather turn practice wood than not turn anything.


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    Stu, it may have been a pain to turn, but it has a nice form and some very pretty grain. Nice save!!

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    Stuart, ehhhh, bad pictures, that wood is crap, and more of that, man you did a great job, I love it.

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    To heck with functionality...I think this is one of my favorites of the bowls you've done. Great job, Stu.

    (Ain't it nice when you get the hang of making clean cuts on tearout-prone wood?)
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    Stu.....Being from a conservative state like Idaho (No US Senator remarks, please) it bothers me to have to agree with our friend Vaughn.....But I do! That may be my favorite thing you've turned. Gorgeous!

    What finish did you use or did I just miss it?

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    Stu that is a beautiful piece. What kind of finish did you use? Wow that is purdy!!!!
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    Stu said the "C" word!

    Great job on that spinny thing Stu. I'll never get a finish to look that good.


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    Stuart - that is one great looking bowl! If it's as soft and easy to damage as you say... then you need to put it in a display case so others can enjoy it! Seriously nice work!

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