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Thread: My helper, now for the first time working on my lathe

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    My helper, now for the first time working on my lathe

    After school you can find him in my shop, he is 7 years old and a grandchild of me. He's very interested in machinery's, and have full attention on everything what turns or moved.
    His dad allows me to teach him in turnings, and I love it.
    So this afternoon he did his first turning, first a little bit scared, but not for long. He needed a box to stand on, no problem for him.
    After seeing what I did, he goes straight on to work, fist with turning a sqaire into round and with making groves. After two houres it was time for him to going home, and he was not glad at all.
    So keep an eye on that young fellow, for sure he knows what he want.
    The next new member of Family Woodworking ?
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    Start 'em young, Ad - he looks very interested and thoughtful. And a lefty?? Boy does he have a hard road to face in this right-hand-oriented world!!

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    Ad, congrats...looks like you will have many good times in the shop in the future!
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    And save those pictures for sure Ad, they are priceless!


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    Shouldn't be hard to guess what the young fellow will want for Christmas! And then for years all you'll need to get him is more turning tools for birthdays and Christmas. Wow, I'm not sure I want my grandson to start turning!! Yeah, come to think of it, I'd love to get him in the shop. Next time he comes to visit I think I'll see what his parents think of the idea. Of course, he is only four years old; might have to wait awhile.

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    Some of my best memories of my grandfather are from working with him in his shop. You are doing things with your new helper that he will remember and cherish for the rest of his life.
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    Fantastic Ad! He looks comfortable in front of the lathe - a natural.


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    Wonderful Ad!

    My 7 seven year old likes to make magic wands. It is real easy and I'm sure your helper would like to do it.

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    Ad that is great. I have a grandson who is 4 and he will sit in my shop and watch my every move. When he gets a little older I will teach him. That is great spending quality time with the kids. As was said keep those pictures.
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    That's priceless Ad!

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