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Thread: Problem With My New Bandsaw....

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    Problem With My New Bandsaw....

    Some may have read where I bought one of the new Craftsman 12 inch bandsaws. I know it is a decent saw and it has gotten good reviews. I guess I got a problem with mine. I am having major trouble getting the 1/4 inch blade to track. It will track on the top in the middle but not on the bottom which is why I believe the lower bearings on the sides will not move behind the gullets of the blade. No adjustment room left. When you turn it on it's obviously is hitting or scraping something on the inside but I can't tell for nothing. I have followed it up in side and I can't see where it is hitting.
    Techs on coming on Monday but wondering how many users have had this problem on the new 12 or 14 inch Cman saw. Anyone?
    I have posted this elsewhere in hoping to obtain some info from as many users as possible.

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    The new Craftsman 14in steel frame bandsaw did Ok, in a recent article in The Woodworker's Journal. Then again it was up against some really heavy weights....

    It looks like the 12in is pretty much the same design as the 14in. In my on going search for a 14in'er I have done a decent amount of research on the Craftsman. The one problem that many people complain about is the bearing guides. Apparently they are using low cost bearings. I have heard reports that after a short period of use, the grease in the bearings squirts out, and they run dry. Several people have gone to local skateboard shops and picked up replacement bearings there, and they apparently work great. An owner even suggested, replacing the guide bearings before every firing it up. Based on the similaritly in design, I would guess, that the bearings in your BS are the same ones as the 14in has. Well after all that rambeling, I guess what I'm trying to say is maybe the bearings aren't rolling, and are draggng on the blade. (it could be any of the 3 bearings in the lower guide assembly.)

    If its not the bearings, I would remove the blade, and give both wheels a spin with your hand. See if any thing is dragging on either one.

    Just a few thoughts.... I hope it helps.
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    Yeah the guides are an issue on these saws but unrealated to this problem Sean. I have removed the blades multiple times, bought a new blade and same result. It does sound like either the wheel or blade is rubbing but for the life of me I can't find where it is. I will see what the tech says.


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    I spent the weekend working on the saw and the biggest issue was the wheels were not coplanar. I did a lot of tweaking on it and got it working in good shape before the tech got there. Good thing cause he was basically an appliance repairman Anyway, I learned a good deal about the saw and it humming good now.
    I took a pine 1x 6 and did a cross cut on it, then ripped one edge on it and then re sawed it in half and half again. All with a blade. Worked pretty good I think. With a good blade and a re saw blade it should work pretty **** good!

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    Now that's more like it. Congrats. And people wonder why we harp on checking alignment on ANY machine that is giving you trouble.
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    Glad to hear you got it tweaked and working right, Corey. Based on your pics, I'd say you got it dialed in.
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    Your right Glen, band saws are pretty new to me and I learned my way pretty darn good around a table saw... figured I might as well with the BS as well


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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey Hallagan View Post
    Your right Glen, band saws are pretty new to me and I learned my way pretty darn good around a table saw... figured I might as well with the BS as well

    You are in good company. When I first set up my bandsaw, it was a frustrating experience. Not knowing anything about bandsaws or adjustments made it all the more frustrating. I'm still undecided about the tension thing. Release or not release? Some experts say you must. Others say not necessary. Hang in there. My bandsaw is probably my most used 'go to' tool for small cutting. I'd be lost without it.
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