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Thread: Bottle Stoppers

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    Bottle Stoppers

    Okay, thought it was time to try a few of these and there seems to be no limit to the designs I've seen so I was able to let my creativity run amok. Quite liked making these.

    Here's a shot of the five I've done so far. As you can see I tried to make each one unique. Just looking for a shape I like.

    And here's a better view of the larger one. You may not be able to make it out but the center strip of wood is purpleheart. It doesn't show up very well as there is just a small amount visible against the walnut in the center. Of course the top is where the purpleheart really shows up but none of the pictures I took lets you see it very well. A photographer I'm not!

    Any comments, critcisms or suggestions are welcome.
    Thanks for looking!

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    Cool stuff, Gord. I agree that you can let yourself run wild with designs on bottle stoppers. I find them more fun to turn than pens. I like the one with purpleheart in it. The version you have on Image Shack lets you zoom in very tight, so I saw the purpleheart very clearly. Nice job.
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    Very nice Gord. I like them all. Like Vaughn said you can let your imagination run wild with designs for them.
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    Yup - another thumbs up here - they're all nice, but the one with the purpleheart is an eye catcher.

    cheers eh?

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    gord, when i clkick on an "immageshack" link my `puter starts doing weird stuff with trying to configure microsoft office?
    they look good in the small pics
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    Gord, those look great. I still haven't tried a stopper...hope to soon.
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