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Thread: kids-grandkids-munchkins

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    my son is 3 now and really enjoys being able to "help" in the shop and just working on stuff in general.
    after reading a few recent threads about kids, and knowing that in todays world about the only way kids are going to learn how to make stuff by hand is by mentoring, how many of ya`ll take the time to share your passion with the younger generation?
    every kid is different in both their ability to grasp the mechanical skills and their desire to actually create something..but i believe that if adults will take the time to share and teach that the kids will be better for the experience...besides is fun
    soooo, do you share your shop? or is it your own personal refuge from reality?
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    My 14 year old grandson turned a couple of pens this spring when he visited us. He's the youngest grandchild I have.

    My great grandkids.......15 month old Riley Marie and 10 month Nicholas Hugh aren't allowed in the shop yet. I don't want them crawling into something or somewhere they don't belong.

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    I have 7, 10 and 12 year old boys and they have all had time on the lathe and they really enjoy it. I hope some day it will be a passion for them like it is for me.

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    My three stepsons.. 20, 14 and 8 all helped on the shop build this summer, and I'm hoping the younger two will be out in the shop with me from time to time. It is my retreat, but they're always welcome to come hang out. Besides, I'll have a kickin stereo and TV with Tivo, so It won't just be woodworking.

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    It is mostly my "own personal refuge from reality".

    However, I also want to raise handy kids, kids who know how things work, and kids with the self confidence to tackle projects... So I also know that I need to make time to do things with my kids.

    But I confess it's a struggle.

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    My son is 2 1/2, and gets really excited when I invite him down to my shop. His eyes really light up. We built a little box out of poplar together about a month ago. I did all of the cuts, but he watched attentively taking it all in. Then I set up the Kreg jig, and held my little 9.6v drill, and he drilled the pocket holes. Then I used my right angle clamp, held the drill, and he drove all the screws. He was so proud of the box he built with "Dada". If you ask him what kind of wood it is made of, he will say "Pop-a-ler". When I point at the pocket holes, and ask what they are he can tell me what they are. Now he keeps his toy tools in his little box.

    When we go to Home Depot, Lowes or Rockler, I can point at various large shop tools and he can idenify they. So far he point out Table Saws, Drill Presses, Band Saws, and Miter Saws. I always get a kick out of asking him "What tool is this?"
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    My daughter is only 2, but everytime we go out the back door of the house she wants to go into the shop....err garage. He always heads right over to the lathe and trys to turn it on! Have to watch her very close. She also tried to pick up a chainsaw a few days ago, saying "Daddy saw!"

    I hope to get her interested in turning, but she will be free to do whatever she is interested a certain extent...
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    I'm fully agree, grandkids are a bundle of joy, I'm proud having 7 grandkids, they are not all the same, but it's very nice to discover there interest.

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    An additional note.

    The homes I have bought over the years have need either some finish work or some major remodeling. I've encouraged my children to help if they wanted to......

    As a result all 3 of my children will and have done similar things in the homes they have now. My daughter's husband is a building contractor and you will often find her on the job site helping out....building fence....building gates for the fences.

    On our trip to Houston in June, the youngest son showed off his prowess with the newly tiled kitchen floors and backsplashes and fireplace to several members of another website who met there with me for a BBQ.

    My youngest son will periodically call me......Dad....what was that tape....(one of several reel-to-reel tapes I'd recorded from albums) that you used to play while we were finishing the basement in Joliet, IL? Mainly Beatles, Marshall Tucker Band, Hugo Montenegro, Doobie Brothers, 3 Dog Night

    While my shop and remodeling time and place is mainly for my escape from the stress of my day job, it can sure have a posititve and lasting effect on your kids, grandkids, etc.

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    Very good point Tod. I'm taking a page from a friend's experience - he pushed his oldest to work in the shop, and made him do things "right". His oldest, now in college, will have nothing to do with the shop. His younger son he allowed to work in the shop "whenever" and "however" (safely and supervised). The young one is in the shop all of the time.
    I always offer my Little Man to join me in the shop. Depends on his mood, but most of the time he wants to go - sometimes he even asks. He has his own workbench, toolbox and some tools and a box to stand on when he helps me. I have offered to the neighbor boys to do things in my shop. One has no time for things other than sports. The younger one asks lots of questions, but hasn't committed to anything.

    Another quick story. A local cabinet maker wanted to bring a younger person in to apprentice with him. He searched for a while and found a young man very interested. After a serious talk with the young man, and his parents, he was hired on as an apprentice. They have been working together for about 5 years. The cabinet maker is in his mid 80's, the young man is now a junior in HS. I met them both at a presentation they were giving on hand cutting dovetails.


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