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Thread: Building a bed

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    Building a bed

    No not a wood bed to sleep on, a steel flat bed for the one ton. Been procrastinating for a couple months since I brought it home. Of course now that the weather is turning I got no choice. I need a winter ride, the wifes getting the burb and her car goes into storage for the winter.

    Any way it 84 X 108. Main runners are 3x3 square tubing and the rest is 1X3 tubing. Got the bottom painted before I quit tonight. Need a piece of 1/8 inch for the front yet then I can get it mounted. Going to Brothers house tomorrow to get aluminum frooring from a semi flat bed
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    Now that looks good and solid!

    Should be able to haul a lot of stuff with that!

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    Looks good so far. I admire (and envy) you guys who just build something like a vehicle when you need one, out of what you happen to have available. I'd love to have the tools, the space, and the know-how to take on that sort of project.
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    Vaughn, It's called necessity is the mother of invention, It would be a lot easier to just go out and buy a bed. You could do it, half of it is being able to see what you need. Just like woodworking. of course you need more tools Torches, welder, grinder, cut off saw. Then just like wood working practice. practice. practice.

    Space? you see where I'm working, outside.

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