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Thread: The ATT Dsl saga continues

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    The ATT Dsl saga continues

    As noted in a previous post, I had ATT DSl installed this last Tuesday afternoon. All appeared to go well, and I am happy with the speed.

    HOwever, there is one continuing problem. It seems that all the great thinkers at ATT can't find a way to give me an Email account. It started Thursday when I tried to setup and use the account that the installer and I had defined. No Go.

    I opened a ticket and talked to a very nice young lady in Mexico who spoke perfect English. She was unable to fix my problem; she said that the software tool she needed to repair the problem was down and it was being fixed. She told me to open a new ticket on Friday and to reference her ticket to the next customer service rep.

    Friday afternoon I opened a new ticket with a man in Dallas. He reviewed the old ticket and decided to log on to my machine and check things. OK, fine, he made some minor tweaks, logged off and told me that sometimes it took up to 24 hours for changes to propagate through the system. OK, he seamed knowledgeable, and that we ended the session.

    Note also that 1) I had an original logon password for the network. The lady in Mexico changed that as part of the problem shooting. The new PW worked OK but didn't solve the problem. ( the Netopia modem needs to logon to the network.) 2) The gent in Dallas also setup a third PW which allowed me to logon to the network. I have had 3 passwords in less than a week. None of them have fixed my Email problem, nor has a "24 hour" wait.

    I am beginning to think that someone at ATT can't find their posterior with both hands and a road map.

    Fortunately LOML and I have Email accounts on another site that still work, but that does not excuse the ATT Email problem.

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    That's why I use gMail. I never have to worry about where my service is and I think gMail is Great!!!.

    The coolest thing about gMail is being able to search your eMail for anything and it really works. OUTLOOK has a serch but is slow and does not seem to work all the time.

    Just my .02

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    Yes Bartee, I have heard nothing but good words about gMail. I may look into it when my current Email host comes up for renewal.


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    Chapter N>0

    Well, I contacted the CS people at ATT again yesterday, and talked with yet another young lady. After much fussing around and putting me on hold several times for several minutes, she decided that the problem was on the Yahoo end. (Att is handing off the Email delivery to Yahoo) For those keeping count, I am on my fourth Email password....

    I now have an open ticket with the Yahoo support group, who, in theory, can fix the problem.

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    That's the problem with the DSL provider not handling all of the services - they start pointing fingers at each other.

    I have Cox cable for Internet access and have been very satisfied with them. I was one of those "truck chasers" - the people who flagged down the Cox trucks back in the early days to find out when they were going to offer cable Internet access in my area. I've had the service since about 1997, I think. On the good side, I get about 6Mbps downstream and about 512Kbps upstream. I get 7 e-mail addresses and 7 web sites, but only 10MB of storage per web site. The service is reliable. The disadvantage is the price. I pay about $40/mo which I think is high considering the deals I see for DSL.

    Good luck - I hope they fix the problem soon.

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    Mike ...I have cable modem and high speed access and it's 50% higher than you are paying!


    Did you ever wonder what the bass saw as you jerked a hula popper past it?

    Dealing with situations like this is a nightmare. I sometimes get sucked into it in my day job. More than one company involved....eveyone pointing fingers....

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    The evening, around 6:20 PM CDT, I called the yahoos at Yahoo. The CS fellow reviewed my ticket and told me that the problem was a known problem in the software. A hot ticket had been sent to the software engineering group for a fix. I should call to check the status of the ticket in 3 days.

    I guess I worked for a slave driving company, TI. When we had a software outage, it got everyones attention until it was fixed. It was very rare for an operating system problem to cause more that an hour outage. Application problems were fixed by one or more people working continuously until it was fixed.

    I guess the poor dears at Yahoo need their beauty sleep. And like some many companies they don't understand that their business is Customer Service and their product is, in Yahoo's case, computer applications.

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