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Thread: Birdseye Maple

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    Question Birdseye Maple

    I'm looking for 1 or 2 pieces of birdseye maple about 10''x10''x 2-12'' to 3'' thick.
    Ebay wants $50 or more & that includes shipping & that's to much money. Anybody know where I can get some cheaper.



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    Chuck from what I have found and seen birds eye maple is pretty pricey as is curly maple. I got some curly maple off the big bay for around $48 shipped.
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    Agree, what I have seen is very pricey. My gun builder friend won't work with it because the 'eyes' have a tendancy to pop out. Might want to consider that before putting an expensive hunk on the spinner.
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    Don't know if you want burl

    you can poke around their website, lots of stuff there

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    I got several piece of outstanding quality birdseye from a guy in New Brunswick late in 2005. The price was about the same as you mention but in was worth it due to the very high number of eyes in the slabs. He calls himself the Bridseye Man and his name was Leonard Landry. Google him I bet you find him

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    Thanks for the heads up, it took me awhile to find him so just to save the rest of us some time

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    Thanks guy. right now 'm having major computer melt down my son is going to have to rebuild it. Be back as soon as can


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    I live ion the neighborhood of the bitdseye trees. And have turned some of it. I have seen some with ten to twenty eyes in a piece the size your looking for, and have some pen blanks, 1/2x1/2xb 2in with as many as twenty nine eyes in it. My wxpierence is you have to look at it to be sure. It is absolutly striking when turned, especially on the bias. If i ever get through the tutorial on shrinking pix, i,ll get some pix on the site.
    Try bell forrest products on line, call them and talk to boonr, or eric, mention that your a turner and see what they say. Their # is 906 486 4769. It might be a better deal than on their web site. And, i could be wrong. They host our turners club meetings, and give us a nice discount. There primary woods are curly and birds eye.
    I might mention that the pen blank i was talking about came off the end of a log that went for ten,k st auction.

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn off your caps lock. No need to shout on the forum, and it's hard to read.

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    Try Steve Wall Lumber. Type it in to Google and you will se their website. I've bought BEM from them on several occasions for much less than what you are finding. But, also remember there are differing grades and that can drive the price.
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