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Thread: Pen Display Case - Any ideas?

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    Pen Display Case - Any ideas?

    I'm THRILLED!!!
    A friend showed one of my pens to a lady who owns a store that takes items on consignment and she wants to carry some of the pens I've been making!!!!

    I know there's no guarantee that any of them will sell but it does feel good just knowing that someone likes them enough to offer to carry them. Haven't figured out what to charge for them but I'll be darned if I'm going to give them away too cheaply. I'd rather give them away for free to friends and relatives.

    Anyway, I need to come up with some kind of a display for the pens. Does anyone have any ideas? I can make most things out of wood but I have no idea what to do with plastic, plexiglas, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    There are a few pen displays on the market. Here's a couple:

    I wouldn't put too many out at a time. Sometimes too much choice is a deterrent to buyers. Make them think they are unique and rare. Pitch the idea of "each is hand made and one-of-a-kind".
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    Congrats Gord, that is great!

    I like the triangular clear plastic boxes they sell, then a stand to hold them up, or such, this way, the customer can pick up the pen, but you don't get a thousand grimy fingers all over you pens.

    Dunno what the theft rate is like, but you got to think about that, and make sure that the lady understands, if someone walks off with one of your pens, SHE just bought it.

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    Check out Bombay on the web.

    They sell some pen cases and they are going out of business. You might get something for very low cost.

    Just checked To late - Online sales shut down.
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