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Thread: Ornaments

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    Well I think I have finished up enough ornaments to get thru the holidays. I made 16 mini birdhouses, 14 ornaments, and 6 bells. The bells are so much fun and easy to make. I should make some more. I have been asked to display some at the Carnagie Arts Center as a hometown artist. Me a R'tist???? I also will display some at two other stores. If they all sell I guess as the Arts Center lady said we can take orders. Thanks for looking.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Christmas Ornaments 6.jpg   Christmas Ornaments 7.jpg   Christmas Ornaments 8.jpg   Christmas Ornaments 9.jpg  
    Bernie W.

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    Wow, those are great!

    I guess each one has a story behind it too, neat thing about handmade stuff

    So I guess that new lathe is working out eh?
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    Nicely done, Bernie. I can see some money being made with those.
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    Very nice Bernie!


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    Those are wonderful, Bernie! Everything you post just seems to be better than the last ones.

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    Bernie, your ornaments are just gorgeous, and so many.
    No wonder that your local gallery wanted them.
    Great work.

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    Those are awesome Bernie !!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    Gorgeous work Bernie, LOML wanted me to do some of those, I did last year, but this year, I don't think I'll have the time. You are movin on up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernie Weishapl View Post
    I have been asked to display some at the Carnagie Arts Center as a hometown artist.

    Me a R'tist????
    Nice ornaments Bernie - very nice!! I think I'm going to give one of those a try.

    BTW ... it's "Rteest" .... hehehe

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    Well done've been busy
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