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Thread: LATHE GLOAT!!! +chuck!

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    LATHE GLOAT!!! +chuck!

    my jet 1642 evs 2hp is here! and my supernova chuck! came about a week early :-D :-D . just so ya know it's a lil' 18th bday present from my dear ol' dad but I had to buy the chuck on my own...

    the old:

    the spot:

    The box:

    inside the box:

    Legs? alone oh no!!:

    the bed+motor:

    dad cleaning off the gunky stuff:

    the lathe alone.

    Man does it purr! and run smooth! the drive and the live center lined up perfectly first time I put them on together!! woot! THANKS DAD!!

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    Congrats Ben! That's a fine 18th birthday present!

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    Mason Michigan

    Your dad is a great guy!

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    You don't want that lathe, Ben. It's a piece of junk.

    Send it to me and I'll dispose of it for ya.

    I may be lost but I'm making good time!
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    thanks guys. hey if one of you mods want to move this into the show and tell that would be great... I miss clicked i guess. sorry

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    Nice setup !! Here's hoping for lots of fun times for you on the new lathe!!

    cheers eh?

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    Ben - Congrats on your new lathe and happy birthday! I have the same model lathe and absolutely love it! Enjoy and start posting some pictures of what you turn on it!

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    Ben congrats on the lathe and happy birthday. May you have many years of turning Ben. Now get the dang thing dirty.
    Bernie W.

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    Hey Ben, I moved the thread, like you asked.

    Boy that looks like a nice lathe, I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it, you are one lucky kid to have a great dad like you do

    Congrats to dad as well, seems he is doing a fine job
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    Ben's doin' the Happy Dance right about now. He'll get back to turning after his feet touch the ground.

    Congrats young man, and congrats to mom and dad for raising a pretty decent whippersnapper who deserves a good lathe.
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