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Thread: Manzanita burl HF

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    Manzanita burl HF

    OK, so I'm a glutton for punishment. Or I let enough time pass from the last time to forget how much "fun" this stuff is to turn. Hacked and beaten into submission at 5 1/2" diameter by 7" tall. Buffed Antique oil finish.

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    In the end you prevailed though, as usual. That's just plain beautiful!

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    Absolutely beautiful Travis! The wood is simply amazing with the color and all the cracks. Love the form - to me it is perfect! Well done and thanks for once again showing me what a hollow form is all about! I'll get there!

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    Beautiful Travis. Wow I will bet with all the cracks that was unnerving. Well done.
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    Definitely beautiful! Probably masochistic.

    Way to go, Travis!!

    Uh... I want one of those tools. What's the website for "Jackhammers-R-Us"?
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    Simply SPLENDID, Travis! You're definitely setting the bar real high for the rest of us. And that's where it should be.

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    Utterly beautiful Travis as always!

    With that many cracks, I'll bet it kept the shaving blown away!

    Utterly beautiful!

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    Awesome piece, Travis. Your treatment always matches the wood so well. You really have a great eye for shape.

    I'm interested in your process for finishing...what grit do you sand to, how many coats of AO, anything special you do? Your finishes are always perfect and really enhance the great job of turning you do.

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    Wow, that is something Travis, I can imagine what a bear it would be to turn.

    When you get a cracked piece like this, do you just turn it and hope, or are there some special procedures you go through that might help the piece making it to this stage?

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    Gorgeous piece, Travis. Another textbook "Stinson" piece. You just don't miss, do you?
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    ...or are there some special procedures you go through that might help the piece making it to this stage?...
    The "no religion" rule in the CoC probably doesn't allow him to go into details on that.
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