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Thread: Happens Everyday...still amazed!

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    Happens Everyday...still amazed!

    I know little babies happen everyday, and I know Alyson is just one little girl in a planet filled with millions of other little baby girls, but I was just wondering if this is just a first time parent thing, or if all parents do this, or every parent everywhere does it to every kid they had.

    Yesterday I was watching Alyson playing with her toys. No big deal, but then I became just amazed at her. Not with her toys, not at how cute she looked or even how cute she looked playing...I was just overwhelmed and amazed at HER.

    It just blew me away that I created her. The tiny hands, the tiny toes, the miniaturized human being that can talk, smile, start to put sentences together and even get really mad. Its really too much to list, and it sounds so foolish, but holy crap guys I made her. I was just blown away by that. Now maybe its just because she is at that age where she looks like a little toddler one minute, and yet if you put a bottle in her mouth she can still look like a baby. Maybe that was the reason that I looked at Alyson in such a different light, but I was just blown away in amazement.

    Is this something all parents see at some point...just utter amazement at what they created? Do you do this with all your kids at some point, or is it just the first one you have? Heck maybe no one else knows what I am talking about here. It's not the "wow she's cute" kind of thing, but the "holy crap, such a simple act created such a complex thing". I must be strange I guess, but looking at Alyson yesterday made me realize that of all the neat things I have a woodworker and as a machinist...Alyson is the most unique, amazing thing that amazes me the most even if there are millions of baby girls out there.
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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    Travis, my eldest is now 13 and I often find myself stuck by a similar feeling, and I'm finding as the kids get older the tapestry that is them is more complex, colorful and interesting, and I'm just glad that I've been able to have had some input into the whole thing, most of it good, I hope.

    I once read about a lady who had 8 or 9 kids of her own, and over the years had adopted another 10 or 11, so she had close to 20 kids go through her home and life. She was asked about this, what is was like to have 20 kids....?

    She replied something to the effect of..........

    "I don't HAVE any kids, they are NOT mine at all, they are a gift in our lives, and I see my role as helping them get to the point where they can go our into the world and stand on their own two feet"

    For me, this was profound (I'm sure the lady in question said it better than I just tired to.... ). While I do not think that most parents think of "Their kids" as a possession, like you would think of "My car" or even "my dog" but, this wonderful lady's attitude was just so inspiring, she really did see her place in the world, as a parent, not as an absolute authority, or any such thing, but she realized and understood that each child was a mature competent adult in the making............ dunno, hard to put into words, that is why I sell beer for a living, and I don't write for a living

    Anyways, getting back to your question, yeah, I'm constantly amazed and intrigued and sometimes astounded by my two daughters, I hope to NEVER get used to it
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    Yesterday afternoon, after I had turned off and unplugged the table saw, I was cleaning up when I looked down and saw my four year old son sitting in the middle of a pile of walnut and maple sawdust. I was going to ask him to get up and clean off, but then I stopped and just watched him. He sat there, scooping up handfuls of the sawdust and letting it fall between his fingers.....over and over again. He looked up at me and smiled...and I got choked up, because he is just the sweetest little boy I have ever met. I cannot (and REFUSE to) imagine my life without him, his big brother, and his two sisters. Kids are a gift from God, and I thank Him everyday for giving me the gift of having somebody call me "Daddy".

    - Keith

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    Travis, the wonderment happens to women earlier than men, and it's usually shortly after birth, when mom looks at baby and says to herself, "This came from my body??" It's pretty universal among mothers to feel that way---and continues. My son is 36 years old and I still get that feeling of amazement when I look at him, and at what he has become and made of himself. I'm just glad that the Powers That Be let me have him for myself for a while.

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    what scares the heck out of me is that my son has my genes....
    the `ol fruit doesn`t fall far from the tree..
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    Travis, I think the parents that truly care for and love their children know exactly what it is you are saying. For those that don't know what you are trying to get across, I feel very sorry for them. My first year of teaching, I had a mother come in and apologize for her son (he hadn't done anything wrong in my class) and state that he was going to be an only child and there would never be another. How sad. He spent a lot of his own time in my school shop and at my home.
    Want another wow moment? Wait until you are a grandpa! My grandson is 4 months old. Watching my daughter with him and his reactions to her and our family members, I thank God continually. Enjoy it, she will grow up fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    what scares the heck out of me is that my son has my genes....
    the `ol fruit doesn`t fall far from the tree..
    Tod, this scares us all!

    Travis this is just the first of many time this will happen to you....just wait til your walking her down the that just made me shiver about doing the same with my daughter.
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    What amazes me is the speed at which they grow up...........then they become parents........Then the grandkids become parents as did two of our granddaughters in the past 16 months.......And that feeling extends beyond your children.........

    BTW......tod......You do have something to worry about!

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    The thrill never stops. This morning I got an e-mail from my daughter with a link to pictures of her and her husband attending a World Series game in Denver. They look so happy together I cried. My only reply to her was that I am happy they are happy. Treasure yours. And don't ever feel shy about braggin' .
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    Enjoy it, watching them grow up and discover things for the first time is neat. I did it with my son and daughter, now i'am doing it with 4 grandkids.3 boys and a girl. All different personnalitys, all a joy to have around. My 2nd grandson will putter around with me in the shop. 3rd wants to, oldest not sure, granddaughter not sure yet, she seems to be all girl. Thats ok because they are all special. Enjoy her and grow with her.


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