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Thread: Not mine, but I have to share.........

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    Not mine, but I have to share.........

    These are some pieces that Eli Avisera gifted me, well my girls when he was recently in Japan........

    Attachment 14047 Attachment 14048
    A nice Bangle for my wife, Vaughn, notice the burning on it.

    Attachment 14049 Attachment 14050
    Two tops for my daughters.

    Now please understand, these are not his "Finished" work, but demo pieces that he made at a demonstration, or carries with him as examples, as such, he was happy to give them away, but was also pointing out that they are demo pieces. Still to me, the fact that he wanted to give something to my girls was enough.

    You see as Eli is Jewish, he eats only Kosher, so his choices at lunch time, at the restaurant were limited, my lovely wife remembered this from the last time he was here in Japan, (I'd told her how he was just eating plain white rice for lunch) and she made him a lunch box both days, strictly vegetarian, but with a lot more flavor than just plain white rice

    So I guess this is a gloat on what a great guy Eli is, for his kindness and generosity and a gloat on what a great gal I married

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    Ehhh forget how nice he is. The better gloat was for the wife!
    It's always good to stump your praises you have for the good wife!!!

    Oh congrats on the nice pieces as well, even though the rest of the note is better IMHO.

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    Congrats Stu. Those are some beautiful pieces.
    Bernie W.

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