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Thread: My Shop

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    My Shop

    I've been a member for a month or two and enjoy the forum and seeing other shops. I live in the FL Keys and TS Noel is about to blow in on us. I work out of my garage (no car gets in here) about 25X18. I didn't clean up anything be for the photo's - after all, where would I put it. Note the catch-all bench. I clean it up regularly but it looks like that again in less than a week. Just completed a rewiring. Installed a subpanel with 100amps so I could grow and even have 240V tools (do I see a new TS in the future!). That is a laugh, there is no room to move around now. All my storage cabinets are kitchen cast offs from the side of the road. You will see a couple of projects in the margins of the pictures - craft storage cabinet (ladder leaning on it), gluing up some panels for a couple of doors. Out by the garage door is my newest tool (Christmas gift from wife) Rikon 14"BS. Love it, although I am a newbie to bs. Nice to be able to have something less than 3/4" thick that is not plywood. Homemade air filter hangs from the ceiling,had to replace my A/C last winter and I used the squirrel cage blower to build an air filter unit. A little large, but it really does the job. It has four levels of filtering. Two cheap replaceable filters followed by a real electro-static filter (small elec. tramsfomer inside unit to power it-provided by A/C tech friend for free) and than to canister HEPA filters(side by side to prevent air flow restriction). Total cost $85.
    My prized item is under the liegh jig is my grandfathers tool chest. Too bad I don't have the tools that were also made by him to put in it. He was and army engineer and had to build the chest and make the tools himself as a graduation requirement in 1890. Only items I have are the chest and a brass vernier caliper in a custom fit mahogany box (perfect condition and better than items you can buy today).

    Enough for now. Hope you enjoy my shop shots as much as I enjoy others.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails back toward garage door.JPG   air filter.JPG   liegh jig-grandfathers mohogany tool chest.JPG   planer- compressor-jointer.JPG   portable tools in back.JPG  

    sliding shelf-clamp storage.JPG   workbench-bs-wood storage.JPG   workbench-catch all.JPG  

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    Great way to introduce yourself, Robert. Welcome aboard! You're not alone in the "full shop" club. Mine's pretty packed right now, too. Your grandfathers' tool chest sounds like it could tell a lot of stories.
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    Welcome Robert! I love the lived in look. You can tell this is a shop. And I also like your weights for the door you are gluing together. Something I'd do for sure.
    Good to have you with the Family. I'd say pull up a chair and sit a while, but I can see you already have. Jim.
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    Welcome to the forum! Great shop, thanks for the pics.

    Stay dry down there, we are getting rain bands up here but nothing too strong yet, hopefully Noel will do her right turn quickly.

    Strange as it may seem, Noel is supposed to be pronounced like my last name. LOML said, oh great, a tropical storm with our name on it, bad karma!


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    Great way to introduce yourself Robert! Well Vaughn already said that but I will say it again. Welcome from a lot of us that never have enough room. You and Jay are going to have to move over to the west side of Florida where the weather is always perfect.

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    Welcome to the family Robert, thanks for the shop tour!

    I sure do hope all you guys in Florida get is some rain.

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    Now thats a real shop!

    Howdy Robert

    Welcome to the Family


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    Howdy, Robert. Welcome to the Family. You may be tight on room, but it looks like you make good use of it anyhow. Batten down the hatches, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that you guys in Fla. just get some rain and the winds aren't too strong.

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    Robert, welcome and thanks for the tour.
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    Welcome and I love your shop. I love a shop that looks used and loved.
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