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Thread: Decking dilemma

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    Decking dilemma

    I've got a good dilemma. We are replacing our cracked and splintered treated decking boards with Trex. I ordered 19-12' and 19-16' to cover the deck below. Home Depot screwed up the order and delivered 19-16' and 19-20'. I've talked it over with my wife and we are thinking of adding on to the deck as it's pretty cramped between the table, grill, and kids toys. I'm looking for recommendations from everyone here as my thoughts are in the second picture. The bump out is for the grill, while it doesn't utilize all of the extra decking they sent it does take care of the issue with Trex only making 6' railing sections. As you can see based on the current deck's dimensions I'd have to make every railing section 4' long, wasting 33%. At the cost of the railing I'm not looking forward to that.

    Our other option is to just expand the entire deck 4' which utilizes all of the extra length. Let me know everyone's thoughts.

    Wes Billups
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    I think that just like you can't have too many clamps, you can't have too much deck -- I'd go for the extra 4 feet! If your zoning will allow it and it doesn't crowd the back yard, what have you got to lose?

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    Ditto on "EXPAND" the whole thing.

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    I think you should max out your useage of the Trex decking and be creative with the railing, if that means you set posts off the deck edge and connect the dots, with cedar or PTPine, I would say have at it!!!!!!!! Get the best bang for the buck.
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    You might want to think about saving a few pieces for deck seating or planters.

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    Update on decking decision.

    Just a quick update. Weve decided to go ahead and increase the length by 4 which utilizes nearly all of the extra length. Were also turning the stairs at a 45 angle. All the footings got dug and poured this weekend. Im planning on framing and decking this weekend.

    The first sketch is of the current layout. The second is the new deck which I created on the Trex website. Id highly recommend anyone planning a deck go to their website as this drawing was extremely easy to complete.

    Im also hoping I now have enough Tigerclaw fasteners. I ordered enough plus a few extras for the original deck size. With the addition it will be really close. Ill know this weekend as Im hoping to have the decking all put down by Sunday.

    Thanks for the suggestions. My wife and I are really happy with the extra space. Its amazing how much difference this little addition is making.

    Wes Billups
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