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    By the end of next week I shall have a nice sky hook installed in my shop overhead. It seems one of my friends was able not only to do the math (Structure and lift support capacity) but could do the work quite reasonably as well. He says he can give me a 1000 pound lift.

    Most of you have seen the platform I made to manipulate sheet goods with my Festool setup. If not...

    I plan to suspend this platform about ten feet over my head with two sturdy straps and drop it onto these....

    when I need it.

    No saw horses to stow!
    These things fold up to super tiny and stow under a table but they are of very strong construction.

    Out of the gazillion things I can think of to use these for, this one is the neatest and bestest.


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    Looks great, but what is this trend of carpeting our shops, you taking after Vaughn? Next thing I know you'll be bleaching your hair and growing it long!!

    Of course, if I would be assured that it would make me into as good a turner as he is, maybe I'd give it a shot!


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    That is a brilliant idea! Go you!

    Will the platform live above an overhead door track by any chance?

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    The shop isn't carpeted Jay, that's the living room floor. They will go to the shop tonight.
    As for the hair, unlike Vaughn, my hair isn't turning grey, it's turning LOOSE!

    Mark, the I-beam will go from over the double doors to the back of the shop. I have a 12' ceiling so by the time I get the hoist up there I'll have just under 11' to play with. I will have an electric hoist and a chain hoist as well.

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