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Thread: Skil 14.4 cordless drill

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    Question Skil 14.4 cordless drill

    I have often wanted to have a second cordless drill but have been put off by the cost/do I really need a second cordless cost trade off. Amazon is offering a reconditioned 14.4 v Skill drill for $25, with free shipping
    While I'm not a big Skil fan it seems at $25 I have little to lose.
    Any thoughts?

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    Try not to laugh by the end of this post.


    So, I started off with a 9.6 Makita cordless (3/8") which has served me well - only getting out the even older 3/8" tailed Craftsman for the last half inch of those really hard phillips head screws in the finest of Borg dimensional lumber. (Ok, you can laugh here!)

    This was in the days when I made stuff that I needed to use - before I even thought about the whole woodworking thing.

    Within the past year I have gotten into the Ryobi 18V One+ system. (This was actually the result of me feeling so bad about the noises that Zeus made when we took him for his 2nd nail trimming that I needed to buy a tool to cheer myself up with, went in to get an impact driver, came out with a big 10 tool, two battery and a charger set. Yes, it had an impact driver.)

    The Ryobi drill that came with the big set has a 1/2" capacity. It's been a long, long time since I've used the poor forlorn Makita and, in fact, have been pondering getting a second Ryobi drill to live in the basement near the reloading bench for a couple 1/2" shank case prep tools. This may be the excuse I don't need to get into the LiIon new line of things. Leave the old regular drill, the old charger and two old batteries downstairs, everything else in the garage shop. I already leave the DustBuster vac in the basement...

    Anyhow, this is a longwinded way of saying that I'm thinking of getting a third cordless drill at some point. However, my third drill will be able to use the same batteries and charger as the tools I already have. I know this may not be the same cost in your setup, but there's a definite convenience factor in having all of the same batteries for all of the tools.

    Having said all this, why do you want a second drill? Would an impact driver suit your needs / wants better? Or just get another drill of the same brand of cordless tools you already use, perhaps?

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