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Thread: Remote Switch for Jet 1642

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    Remote Switch for Jet 1642

    After blowing up what I hoped was going to be a real nice hollow form (because I didnít remove my hollowing tool before reaching around the steady rest to shut off the lathe ) Ė I decided it was time to install a remote on/off switch.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What I am asking for is input from some of our electrical experts as to where to place the switch in the circuit. I have included the schematic for the lathe and also a close up of the area of interest.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JWL-1642EVS-2 Wiring Diagram.jpg 
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    At this time I believe the remote switch should be placed in series between the Push/Pull/Switch and the Fwd/Rev Switch. Best that I can tell - the Push/Pull Switch does nothing more than supply a ground to the Forward/Reverse Switch. Figured it would be safe to place the remote switch in series between those two switches. Thought about the Blue wire located at the input to the Push/Pull Switch but do not want to eliminate the ground from the Potentiometer (Speed Control) when I remotely shut the lathe off.

    Just in case you can't read where the Blue wire connects to on the controller - it is ground.

    Thanks for your assistance!


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    i'll leave the actual circuit to those who are electrical experts. but just make sure when you switch the machine off with the new device it won't resume power when you turn that switch back on. there needs to be some reset functionality so you're not surprised. some newer machines have this feature and i like it.
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    For safety purposes most manufacturers like PM recommend it be in series with the other switch. However, that arrangement can be a real pain. I'd wire it in parallel so that you can use either switch without having to turn the other one on. This can come in handy if one switch or the other dies on you.

    Good luck,

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    Having a major gap in my personal data base with things electrical, I just have to wonder...why not just a plug in thing to the plug in thing? I've been thinking about a foot switch for my drill press. Isn't that how it would work?
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