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Thread: Cool Projects Ahead

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    Cool Projects Ahead

    I am still to busy on my house to be doing any woodworking projects in my shop, but at work I got some great projects ahead of me. I thought I would share a few that our boatbuilding company is working on. For the record I am only a machinist there not a carpenter, but here are some of the projects.

    The first is a set of circular stairs. The material is polished stainless steel with Black Cherry treads and intragal lights underneath each step. I thought two lights would be better with a pressure sensitive switch on each tread so that as the person ascended the stairs on this yacht, the light would change from white to green. That got vetoed, but building a set of circular stairs as is is kind of cool. The hand rail will be polished stainless steel ballasters with a curved handrail spiraling up and around the circular stairs.

    Another project is building a front door for a boat owner's home. Its going to have an aquarium inside the front door so that as you look in, it looks like you are looking outside a porthole with fish swimming around. Its going to be pretty involved because the aquarium has to swing on hinges and let the guests in

    The last project I got on my bench is making a set of turning blocks. This is all metal related, but I think some of you non-boaters can still appreciate this. These turning blocks will put ALL the lines on this sailing yacht UNDER the deck. That means it will sail as any vessel does, but to keep the deck looking clean, all the lines will be hidden between the top deck of the boat, and the ceiling underneath the rooms (That is a ceiling as defined as the ceiling like a house, not the true ceiling a yacht has). Anyway I got to make something like a dozen of these blocks to make all the turns, taking into account I got a 6 by 9 inch space to run all these lines. That will take me well into Spring to complete.

    Kind of different, but all kind of cool. Just thought I would share.
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    Hi Travis ,
    These sound like some quite very interesting projects. I think one reason you haven't recieved more comments on these plans is the lack of viewing here in the design area. Needless to say, they will be exciting and thanks for sharing hope to see and hear more about them as you proceed. Maybe the mods could move it for you. It is a good post, Thanks!
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    Yeah, I missed this tread the first time around. Looks like some fun and challenging projects, Travis.
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