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Thread: Miter saw: first one

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    Miter saw: first one

    I just blew a wad (for me) on a Triton router, but thinking about getting a Miter Saw, as well. Would appreciate good value suggestions, as I can't go full tilt on this tool, as well.


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    Hi Tom!

    Welcome aboard

    I love my Ridgid. It's a work horse!

    I am impatiently awaiting Festool's KAPEX KS 120 to make it to the USA but so far I haven't given the Ridgid a job it couldn't do.

    Here is a good deal on a - Factory Reconditioned unit from Amazon

    Ridgid 10" Compound Miter Saw w/Exactlilne


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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I received the DW703 as a housewarming present before I had a CMS. It's not fancy but is a solid, consistant performer. I have yet to upgrade it or replace. They can generally be had on sale at Lowes for around $150.
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    tom, welcome!

    what types of tasks do you want the saw to perform. there are many different options on saws these days.

    i always thought a 12" was better, then someone here mentioned the tendency of the blade to deflect, since then i have really noticed this for myself. if you don't need to cut really big stuff, i would go with a 10" cms, if you need to cut big stuff, consider stepping up to a 10" scms (slider)

    i have used all but the bosch and milwaukee in a production setting. they all eventually break. if this is for hobbiest use, i think any of the major brands will do. possibly even some of the off brands if it won't see much use.

    keep your eye on amazon for deals.....also check out

    good luck, i always hate making tool buying decisions


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    Here I go again. No, not Grizzly this time, but a low priced unit that surpassed all my expectations when I got it and performs like a champion. I wouldn't expect this unit to hold up for frequent professional use but if it lasts me ten years, I'll be happy. It is powerful, accurate, has a laser guide and other goodies. And, it's only $99.99 from Northern Tool. At least worth considering.
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    tom, if you look around the old 10" deltas with the cast iron tables can still be found, no bevel feature but they usually only bring about 100$
    here`s a link to an aluminum tabled one;
    [SIZE="1"] associated with several importers and manufacturers.[/SIZE]

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    I have a old delta shopmaster (before they were rebadged to shopmaster) that I picked up for 99. 7 years later it works as well as it did when I bought it.

    Take your time to set it up accurately and put a good blade on it and your good to go.

    This will get replaced with the kapex once its available and I've sold a kidney to pay for it.
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    Like Patrick I have the old pre-shopmaster 10" Delta CMS. Nice little saw, does a fine job for me, and I doubt I'll replace it until/unless I hit the lottery. Not a slider, but does what I ask of it, which is mostly cut two by stock to length for my eternal shop project (yes, roof is going on eventually Mark k. ).

    Most of my experience with miter saws, however, comes from back when I used to share a shop with my mentor John Shaffner, who has a 10" SCMS from harbor freight! For $100 that saw did a fine job. We put a much better blade on it, set it up on a dedicated table with infeed/outfeed and it was very accurate. ymmv of course.

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    Hey, gents.

    As a newbie, dumb ish question. Two, actually.

    First, how common is kick-back with miter saws, in general. My experience with them is pretty limited, but I would think that the combo of the guide and fixed blade would limit the incident of wood binding.

    Second, could someone explain the single bevel vs. dual bevel option?

    much thanks.

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    welcome aboard. one of the nice features of a CMS is that the blade pulls the workpiece down and towards the fence, which helps control the potential for kickback. As for single/dual bevel single bevel is that the head of the saw can tilt to one side to make the Compound cut, I'll be honest, mine has not tilted much, as I generally use mine in 'chop saw' mode. dual bevel machines can tilt to both sides.

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