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Thread: cutting tapers

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    cutting tapers

    Could I get some ideas on how to cut tapers?

    I'm currently thinking that this will be the excuse I need to make some circ. saw guides, but am interested in hearing how you folks do this.

    The pieces I'll working with will be about 20" long, going from about 4" at low end to 12 - 18" at wide end. I'll be needing to make glue-up panels for these pieces.

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    what quality of cut mark?
    when i cut finished stair parts i`ll rough `em in with a skill or jig saw and do final cut with a router and flushcut bit.
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    If you'll do this or other tapers alot:

    I also like this one in general: but would probably use t-track for the slots.
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    Cut quality is going to be for fine furniture.

    And I maybe should've mentioned that I don't have a tablesaw - though those jigs that Glenn posted do look like they'd be useful to a tablesaw user.

    I have at my disposal a nice radial arm saw, a 14" bandsaw, a couple circular saws and a jigsaw (cordless) for cutting. A router is available also.

    I'm going to be making one or two hinged boxes with slanted tops to be used as dog ramps for the couch and bed. The poor little poochers have short stubby legs and as they get on in the tooth are not quite as spry for jumping up for cuddling.

    Thinking about this, I'll be using cherry and happen to have some cherry plywood as an offcut from a friend's previous project. Maybe I'll use this for the sides as a floating panel - then I can use the RAS to cut some miters for the frame pieces. This would also mean that cut quality of the panels (the cherry plywood) need not be finish quality, as they will be hidden.

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    Same principle should work OK on the bandsaw, provided you have the proper and sharp blade on. You need taller dogs or shorter couches.
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    Here is what I use. I think the design came out of shop notes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My taper jig looks a whole lot like Bartee's, and that's what I'd use.

    Alternatively, a guided circular saw cut would work quite well. Just use a straight-edge (piece of ply, etc. clamped to the work piece as a guide.

    Of course, a Festool saw & guide, or an EZ guide would be ideal. (but expensive!)

    Doing a little trig on your dimensions, the length of your cut will be about 24 inches, so your RAS most likely can't make it. A tablesaw and taper jig is the best way to go.

    Then, of course, there's always the Neander way. Draw the line, use a good handsaw, and if needed, plane the finished edge.
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