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Thread: drill rust

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    drill rust

    Several months ago I put a drill bit from CSUSA into an indexed steel drill box in my shop. The bit is a size I no longer use and removed it from my dedicated pen tool storage. Yesterday, I opened the box and noticed that this bit, and this one alone, was badly rusted. Some of the other bits are well over 50 years old, some new but this China bit is the only one that has ever shown rust. I'm very disappointed. In addition to their bits needing sharpening when new, this rusting hollers "inferior" to me. And at prices of $7.00 to $13.00 each, IMHO this should not happen.
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    That does sound disappointing. Seemings how it is this bit and this bit alone that has rusted it is pretty obvious he's the culprit. I'd seek a new supplier at the very least.
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